Go Paperless to Transform your Business

Paper is no more an electronic form technology than Word or Excel. Paper forms are inefficient and manual in every sense. From entering data on the form, to the “sneaker-net” / “snail mail” required to route the form, to the re-keying of form data into back end line-of-business systems, paper forms represent the antithesis to process automation and efficiency. And Word and Excel aren’t much better! Critical data is unavailable upon form opening, requiring manual data entry. The routing of the form get’s a minor upgrade in the use of email to send the form from one approver to another, but now the form gets lost in the inbox instead of a stack of paper on the desk. Either way there’s very little traceability and auditability. But in each case, important data is still locked up in the form itself, making reporting off the data impossible, and often requiring the re-entry of data from the form into a back end system at the end of the process.

5th Method can convert your paper, Word and Excel forms web based forms hosted on the corporate intranet, and accessible from any device. These rich forms can be easily connected to back end line-of-business data sources to pre-populate the form with important information, reducing manual data entry and potential error. Built in form security ensures only the right users see the right data. And all forms designed by 5th Method are optimized for workflow.


  • Microsoft ASP.net forms
  • Microsoft InfoPath forms
  • K2 SmartForms
  • Microsoft SharePoint forms
  • Apple iOS forms
  • Android forms