Business Processes don't live in Silos

Business decisions and the information needed to make good ones don't live in silos either. Automate the routing of a workflow based on data in a back end system or pre-populate an e-form with critical information. Our ability to help you seamlessly work with real-time, enterprise data in your forms and processes means you'll spend less time looking for the important data to make a decision. Eliminating the re-keying of data, reducing errors, and potentially eliminating staff work altogether are also good things.


  • Enterprise Business Process Automation
  • Workflows that span beyond SharePoint and across multiple back-end systems
  • Real-time data system data surfaced in e-forms and SharePoint
  • Out-of-the-Box integration with MS CRM, MS SQL, SAP (certified by SAP), Oracle, and Salesforce
  • Re-usable business objects for use in multiple applications and reports for one version of the truth