Our story

For More Than A Decade,
Helping People Work Better Together

5th Method is a software and IT services company, started by a group of industry veterans and driven by one principal: People matter. It seems simple enough, but putting people at the center — and not just paying lip service— is rare in an industry crowded by technologists putting technology first.

We’re proud of the fact our leadership represents some of the best and brightest minds — i.e., really smart folks! — in Business Process Automation, collaboration and custom development. We’re experts, staffing two of only 24 K2 Masters in the world and touting a team of Sharepoint all-stars we’d put up against anyone in the business.

More importantly, though, we’re great people to work with — passionate about our clients’ needs, fanatical about innovative technology solutions, committed to growing our expertise and driven to help you succeed. Our founders’ biggest desire was to transform companies by streamlining and optimizing business operations so people can do more, better, faster and more profitably than ever before. Today, our nimble team is always looking for new and innovative ways to help customers gain a competitive edge, drive meaningful growth and exceed at their most ambitious endeavors. This is 5th Method. How can we help you work smarter today?


Navigating the world of enterprise technologies, the benefits they provide and how they integrate with other systems is a difficult exercise. We have extensive experience building and implementing all the software we sell, so feel free to hit us up for further information or a demo.